Tuesday, 3 September 2013

This or That Beauty Tag!

I thought this would be a great beauty tag in which you can learn more about me!

Blusher or bronzer? Blusher
Lip gloss or lipstick? Definitely lipstick!
Eyeliner or mascara? I couldn't live without my mascara!
Foundation or concealer? Concealer for my dark circles
Neutral or colour eye shadow? Neutral
Pressed or loose eye shadow? Pressed, I get loose eye shadow everywhere!
Brush or sponge? Brush

Long or short nails? Long
Acrylic or natural nails? Natural
Bright or dark colour nail varnish? Dark, it's difficult not being able to wear dark colours in summer!

Perfume or body spray? Perfume
Lotion or body butter? Body butter
Body wash or soap? Body wash

Jeans or joggers? Jeans, Skinny jeans
Long sleeves or short? Long sleeves usually
Dresses or skirts? Dresses
Stripes or plaid? Plaid, maybe
Flip flops or sandals? Sandals?
Scarf or hat? Scarf
Necklace or bracelet? Hmmm bracelets
Heels or flats? Flats, of course!
Jacket or hoodie? Jacket

Curly or straight hair? I can't choose! Straight?!
Bun or ponytail? Ponytail
Bobby pins or butterfly clips? Bobby Pins
Hairspray or gel? Hairspray!
Long or short hair? Long hair
Light or dark hair? Dark hair
Side fringe or full fringe? Full fringe. I really want a full fringe!
Up or down? Down

Rain or shine? Shine (most of the time)
Summer or winter? Winter!
Autumn or spring? Probably autumn because it's getting closer to winter!
Chocolate or vanilla? Anything chocolate!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I tag anyone to do a reply post to this tag! I'd love it if you could follow me on here or Bloglovin!

Caitlin x

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