Wednesday, 30 October 2013

New Illamasqua Brushes

These are the three amazing new Illamasqua brushes in their collection. Go check them out at

Smoothing Brush
Smoothing Brush - £22.00
"Unique ultra thin, flat 'featherlike' brush designed to delicately smooth and blend products around the eye area- to finesse to perfection"

Smoulder Brush
Smoulder Brush - £19.00
"Ideal for blurring pigment to make it smoulder - creates smoky/blurred smouldering lines around the eye area to perfection."

Concealer Brush
Concealer Brush - £19.00
"Ideal to build coverage and conceal. Excellent for use with Skin Base Lift/ Cream Pigment/ Cream Concealer and general flat brush techniques."

Click here to see the whole collection of Illamasqua brushes.

Which one is your favourite? I really want to give the Concealer Brush a go!

Caitlin x

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