Monday, 9 September 2013

Review: Sleek Pout Paint

Superdrug say: "A truly unique lip product, Pout Paint is an intense lip pigment like no other that is made to be mixed. Pout Paint’s unique formulation dries to an opaque satin finish with the consistency of gloss on application and the staying power of a stain."

And I completely agree with this. Pout Paint is so highly pigmented you only need the tiniest drop on a lip brush to fully cover your lips. It gives a great vibrant colour which stains your lips and lasts for hours, and are buildable to get the colour you want. What I like is that you will always be able to make a colour which you like as they can be mixed together to make colours to suit you. They already have a wide range of colours to choose from (purple, white and even blue are included!), as well as different shades of pink and red. However, if you have dry lips, I'd suggest lightly powdering your lips first, then covering fully with a good moisturising lip balm before applying, as it does stick to dry skin and make it look blotchy because of how pigmented it is. I definitely recommend these as the tube will last you for ages and it is well worth the £4.99, I haven't seen anything like these before! I have swatched Sleek Pout Paint in the colour Pin Up.

Buy it from Superdrug here:

What are your thoughts on this product? Will you be trying this?

Caitlin x

1 comment:

  1. This product looks really nice! I love the colour, will hopefully try it :) I have never tried sleek before! Great post by the way :)

    Kate xo



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