Tuesday, 13 August 2013

July Favourites 2013

These are my favourite beauty products of July 2013, I hope you enjoy reading this and feel free to comment with other products I should try!


The first product is Caudalie Divine Oil, which smells amazing! It's basically an oil which can be used for anything; body, face, hair, nails, pour into a hot bath or even use as massage oil. Because it is a dry oil, it easily absorbs into your skin, leaving a non-greasy, but smooth, finish. Plus, you only need to use a tiny bit and it covers a wide area, meaning the £4.05 you pay for a full size of 15ml is great and definitely worth buying!
The second product is My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream, which is a daily moisturiser in Lavender or Unscented. I have the Lavender one and even though I'm not keen on the Lavender scent in general, it smells so good, but it's quite over-powering, so I'd probably get the Unscented one next time. It leaves your skin smooth, soft and the product is travel-sized, and still lasts for ages. I'd definitely recommend trying it for £6.99 for 100ml.
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is the next product. It is a rice-based enzyme powder, which turns into a creamy paste when water is added. Even after only trying this product once, I could feel my skin was smoother and brighter. I definitely recommend this moisturiser. However, for 75ml it's £40.30, which is quite expensive but worth it if you're willing to pay that much for a good moisturiser.
The next products are two Collection Concealers; Illuminating Touch and Lasting Perfection. I suffer from dark circles under my eyes and I have tried literally everything to make them disappear or cover them up, and I find these two concealers work quite well as they have good coverage and it matches my pale skin tone. I love these and wear either one every day! You can buy Illuminating Touch for £4.99 and Lasting Perfection for £4.19. (Please recommend any other liquid concealers you find work well for you as I'd love to try them!)

The next product is another by Collection, the Pump Up The Volume Mascara. I have used this mascara every day for over a year now and I love it so much. I recommend it to everyone! I wear quite a lot of mascara on my eyelashes so the big applicator makes it easier to apply and there is lots of mascara on the brush. You can get this for £4.99 from Boots. To stop any mascara from drying out, stand the bottle in warm water for 2 minutes or put a few drops of eye drops in and shake. This will make your mascara last loads longer!
The final product I have been loving this month is Simple Kind to Lips Essential Lip Balm SPF15. I actually didn't buy this product, I got this as a reward from Simple as I am a member, or Simple VIP as they call it. I didn't think much of this lip balm as I already have so many but I have been using this so much lately! It is clear, doesn't have a scent, lasts for ages and leaves your lips feeling soft and hydrated. I am definitely taking this on holiday with me as it will protect my lips from the sun too. This is around £4.00.
Caitlin x


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