Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Jewel Candle

This is one for all you candle lovers and jewellery lovers out there- You're welcome!
I was introduced to when I read Becca's blog (voussontbeauetbelle) about her 'Sweet Cupcake' Jewel Candle and I absolutely love the idea.
Basically it is a candle, but with an item of jewellery in, which can be worth between £10 to £250! I love the concept of getting a surprise piece of jewellery inside a beautifully handmade candle. Not to mention the scents sound absolutely delicious!
It takes about 10-15 hours of burning time to reveal the heat-proof bag your jewellery is neatly stored in to avoid damage, and the candle will burn for 150 hours in total which is great value at only £24.95!
This really is an amazing gift for someone as you can select whether you'd like a ring or earrings in your candle, plus choose from scents such as Sweet Cupcake, Pink Cherry and Passion Fruit!  

Will you be purchasing one? I have my eye on the 'Passion Fruit' for my birthday!

Caitlin x

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